Retribution Paladin Talent Tree

Picture 15

Pally Power!

In my last post I mentioned that Attack Power could be gained from your talent trees.  So here are some thoughts about talent trees.  If you are level 80 and not sure about how to spec out you Ret Pally take a look at the talent trees of the top Ret Pallys in your guild and your server.  Most likely those Ret Pallys have an affective tree that helps in generating Attack Power and Damage Per Second.

Ok if you aren’t level 80 you have some decisions to make.  Neither of these two philosophies are wrong it’s just a matter of what works for you.  I’ve noticed that people approach the talent tree in one of two ways.

First is the person who wants to get to the bottom of the tree as fast as possible.  These players put minimum points into talents just to activate the next tree until they get to the bottom then they go back and max out the abilities.

The other person maxes out the abilities fully and starts a new level of the tree after they’ve maxed out the current level.  Either way you’ll end up at the same place with that last talent point at level 80.

No matter what technique you like there are some talents you want pick up as a Retribution Paladin.

The 15% strength is a must have from Devine Strength; Protection tree.  See previous post if you don’t understand why.

Picture 12

Devine Strength talent

The 15% increase to damage from Seal of Vengeance is a must have from Seal of the Pure; Holy Tree.  (Particularly when you do Heroics and Raids.)

Picture 13

Seal of the Pure talent

The 6% increase to two=handed weapon damage from Two-Handed Weapons Specialization; Retribution tree. Again see previous post if you don’t understand why.

Picture 14

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization talent

You’re going to max these talents out at some point.  The question is will you do it sooner or later.

I use the 5/11/51 Retribution (raid) build recommended by Paladin schmaladin.  Paladin schmaladin has talent builds for Retribution, Holy and Protection Paladins and builds broken down by PvE and PvP.  Paladin schmaladin goes into some specific and technical details about talent trees if you want detained talent tree information.  Great Paladin blog if you haven’t come across it yet so check it out.

Picture 9

5/11/51 Ret Pally Build for Raiding

Don’t suffer the horde!



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