Don’t Suffer the Horde?

May 8, 2010

A Lvl 80 hordie warrior who was farming in Wintergrasp. 🙂

Contrary to my tag line I like hordies.  I play on the Alliance side and have no desire to be horde, but thankfully there are those who play horde.  I play on Anetheron, a Player vs Player (PVP) server.  Think how boring WoW would be if there weren’t two fractions competing?  That’s why I like hordies.  Both the Alliance and the Horde bring a variety of fun to game for the other side that I’m sure just isn’t there on a Player vs Environment server.  Playing on a PVP server keeps you on your toes.  Danger lurks around every corner.

Any how I don’t do a great deal of PVP per say.  I do battle grounds in my PVE gear and do relatively well.  I don’t do Arena PVP.  However I do like fighting hordies out and about.  That’s when it counts because you have to go to gave yard and do that miserable ghost thing bumping into trees on the way back to your body if you get killed.  In battlegrounds and arena you quickly respawn intact.

Generally speaking I attack hordies on sight; if I think it’s a fight I can win.  🙂 Now I don’t attack low level hordies nor do I camp.  Really its not fun killing someone who can’t put up a fight.  Once my 22 lvl alt lock was killed by lvl 72 hordie camping on the rooftops in Darkmore; completely uncool.  I got my main and I did camp him for a bit for the obvious reasons.  The exception to my code of conduct is Death Knights.  I kill them regardless of level for no reason other than they are DKs.  (Yes, I have issues with Blizzard and their pet DK class. Another post perhaps.)

On my server the relationship between the horde and alliance is funny.  Sometimes it is all out war and other times peaceful.  For example many times when doing the fishing daily I’ve stood right next to hordies and fished.  When you finished the quest you left, no problems.  Perhaps it’s the fisherman’s code.  However there are two hordies, a lock and a rogue, who seem to follow the fishing daily around to attack alliance fishermen.  I guess they need someone to forget to switch from their pole to their weapon to win a fight.  When they do this it generally erupts into a war for both alliance and horde players trying to do the daily.

So for all you horde players, thanks for being horde!

Oh speaking of horde I finally got around to doing the quest “For the Alliance.”  It was great fun.  We had a full raid of 60 and went into the deepest darkest holes in horde cities and brought the light to Warchief Thrall in Orgrimmar, Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff, Sylvanas Windrunnr in the Under City and Lor’themar Theron in Silvermon.  By the time we got to the last boss in Silvermoon we were getting a little sloppy and lazy.  No longer worried about hordies sending an alarm our rally point was right in front of the entrance to Silvermoon. A level 5 horde rogue came out and saw us.  I wonder what he thought seeing 60 alliance players at the front gate lol.

Oh, this Monday we are taking our first shot at downing the Lich King in 10-man ICC!!!!!  His rein of tyranny will finally come to an end.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t suffer the horde!


ICC Bosses; Rock them or DPS Challenged?

April 6, 2010

Mine and my guild's ICC progression so far.

Here’s some thoughts on my experiences to date with the Ice Crown Citadel bosses and a some G2 about how I approach them.  My guild is making steady ICC progress in 10 and 25 man modes.  You know the deal; more than some guilds and less than others.  The main point is that we’re progressing.

Sindragosa – DPS Challenged

Tonight was the first time (10-man) that we tried this.  My DPS was ok.  I tried it with both Seal of Command and Seal of Vengeance.  SOV seems to be the best although you loose your stacks throughout the fight.  A great deal of time lost moving and not DPSing.  Move to close the distance to attack Sindroagosa, then move from her, then hide behind frost walls etc.  However the good news is this really isn’t a DPS race fight.  Primarily it’s a follow the plan and stay alive fight.

My new friend Valthria Dreamwalker after healing her to 100% in 10-man ICC.

Valithria Dreamwalker – DPS Challenged

In ten-man we healed up Valithria Dreamwalker for the first time tonight.  As usual new content is a struggle at first but after a couple nights we got her to full strength.  This isn’t my best DPS fight.  My role is to kill the geist as soon as possible on my side and then help out on the other as necessary.  In between geist I go for the Mages both fire and frost first.  Usually I spend most of my time running around so that explains why my DPS is low.  However keeping the geist from placing their damaging buff on Valithria is essential and makes healing her easier.

Professor Putricide  – DPS Challenged

Professor Putricide is another low DPS fight for me as once again I spend most of the fight running around avoiding slim puddles or closing with the Professor or a green slime.  However I did find a key way to contribute to the fight.  Killing the green slimes before they get to their targets is one of the keys of this fight.  If the slime gets to the target you have to stack to distribute the damage among many people lessening its affect.   I’ve found that I can usually provide the killing blow to the green slim before it reaches its target using Hammer of Wrath.  A big contribution to this fight.

Rotface – Rock Him

For ret pallys just maintain contact and pummel him.  The exceptions are if you get the ooze debuff you must go out, cleanse yourself and then merge your ooze with the big ooze being tanked on the perimeter.  Otherwise run between his legs to avoid slime spray and keep attacking.

Festergut – Rock Him

Just stand there a hit him as hard as you can.  You might have to leave if you get a spore debuff for a few seconds but otherwise not much to do.  I pop Hand of Sacrifice on the tank as appropriate another pally does Divine Sacrifice on the raid as appropriate for Fester’s AOE attacks.

Deathbringer – Rock him

This is one of my highest DPS fight.  Just stand there and attack until he’s dead.  Seriously that is it.  There are some concerns with the adds he spawns nothing that should affect your attack.  Some guilds don’t like AOE when the mobs appears because you might aggro the mobs.  However if ranged DPS is high enough your AOEs shouldn’t aggro the mobs.  If it is just lay off the AOEs until the mobs have moved out range.

Gunship Battle- In Between Rockin and DPS Challenged

Overall a fun fight and ok DPS.  Another fight with lots of lost time between running around and waiting to fly over to kill the battle mage.  Oh and the darn jet pack for some reason is a challenge for me as I always lose time standing on the edge of the ship trying to fly back and forth.  Remember to attack the horde mobs on the Alliance ship when you return from the Battle Mage.  Usually there is a mob so use your mob AOE attacks!

Lady Deathwhisper – DPS Challenged phase 1, Rock her phase 2

Again a great deal of time and DPS lost running around in phase 1 killing casters then helping out with what’s left.  In phase two after Whisper’s mana shield is gone time to switch to Seal of Vengeance and rock Lady Death to her death.  My DPS in phase two rocks because I can keep my SOV stacks on her.  Phase one brings my average down though.

Lord Marrowgar – Rock Him

Basically with the exception of killing bone spikes and avoiding fire just stand there and attack.  Not much to it once you get it down.  Don’t worry about bone whirl it doesn’t hit hard and you can heal yourself if necessary.  I usually pop Sacred Shield and Divine Plea (to generate mana) and keep attacking Marrowgar during bone whirl.  Just stay out of the blue fire and don’t get in front of him.

ICC Trash on the way to Lord Marrowgar – Rule the Mobs

I rule the mobs; nobody and can come close to me on this phase.  Use Seal of Command and attack with Consecrate and Divine Storm; massive mob damage. On the traps when the skeleton warriors come out switch to Seal of Vengeance then switch back to Seal of Command for more mobs.

If somebody has some thoughts on the bosses where I’m DPS challenged I’d like to hear them.

Don’t suffer the horde!

B Cubed: Back to Booty Bay

March 22, 2010

Booty Bay from the harbor looking in

A little off retribution paladin topics today but thought you might enjoy the trials of a noobdom story.

Stranglethorn Vale and Booty Bay has always been one of my favorite areas.  It was fun questing there as a low level with interesting quests.  Booty Bay was also my first sanctuary city.  Lol I attacked the first horde I saw on sight only to be attacked by the Booty Bay Bruisers while he laughed at me.

Anyhow I was in BB one day and a group of Alliance were laying waste to the place.  They explained to me that they were doing the Blood Sail Admiral title quest and invited me along.  Not having any titles at the time I eagerly joined.  What a mistake that was; without a doubt one of my worst WoW decisions!  I received the title, a neat little bloodsail pirate outfit and of course unknown to me an instant hated reputation with BB, Ratchet, Mudsprocket and all other goblin controlled areas.  What a hassle and I don’t even have the pirate outfit anymore as it was ditched to make room in my bank bags for more valuable items.

Booty Bay from the ground entrance

So it’s been a long journey to be able to be able to go to Booty Bay again.  Its taken me months, close to a year, to get my reputation back to the point that I can go to Booty Bay without being attacked on sight.  The Blood Sail Admiral lets see that was 36,000 rep points to go from hated to hostile.  Another 3,000 to go from that to unfriendly. Of course another 3,000 to get to neutral.  I’m just glad to be back in Booty Bay.  Think I’ll go fishing and have an ale.

Take my advice and don’t waste your time with the Blood Sail Admiral title.

Don’t suffer the horde!

So Much Gear, So Few Frost Emblems and Drops

March 19, 2010

There is so much leet gear out there I don’t know to start.  How do you decide what to get with your Frost Emblems (FE).  I guess there are two ways to approach this; quantitative and qualitative.  For a great quantitative analysis of what gear is best for Retribution Paladins check out Caer Morrighan’s blog.  She’s got a quantitative analysis of and rank ordering of the T10 gear, lvl 251, lvl 264 and lvl 245 gear that is currently available.

My analysis is going to be somewhat more qualitatively orientated.  First don’t be envious of other people’s gear because there will always be someone with better gear than you.  Just focus on improving your gear 1 piece at time.  I usually try to target my worst piece of gear.  Which I currently feel is my neckpiece so I’m focusing on the neck drop from 25 ICC Lady Death Whisper.  I’ve had several chances at it but have been out rolled each time.  So perhaps the next time I’ll be the high roller.  Also at level 251 and 264 there really isn’t anything I’d say is a bad piece of gear.  Some are just better than others!  lol

Ok back to the task at hand.  Of course any 251 or 264 gear you can get from a boss drop is a good thing and helps your FE situation.  The harder question is how do you spend those FEs.  Generally you have to choose between buying T10 251 or 264 from a vendor.

I think this is something of an art.  Also remember that Tier 10 251 gear can be upgraded to T10 264 gear with a 25 ICC token. But you should also consider your chances of getting a token, which I’ll address later.

I think the first thing that Ret Pallys should focus on is getting two pieces of T10 251 gear.  The two-piece bonus, 40% chance to reset Divine Storm, is awesome.  I have this happen 3 or 4 times in a row frequently.  When clearing the trash in ICC or any place there is a mob this is truly a giant DPS boast.

T10 251 Chest vs Vendor 264 Chest

The real hard decisions come once you have two T10 251 pieces.  The cost for T10 251 pieces are the same for vendor 264 pieces.  For example I recently had to choose between the T10 251 Lightsworn Battleplate chest and 264 Castle Breakers Battle Plate chest, each are 95 FEs.  (I took the 264 Castle Breakers Battle Plate over the T10 251 chest.)

So where is the bang for the buck?  You can shoot for the 4 pieces of T10 251 gear and get the 4-piece bonus; +10% damage to your judgements, that would be mighty sweet and plan on getting ICC tokens to upgrade to T10 264 gear.  But then again the increased stats on 264 gear vs 251 gear is also nice.

The question you have to ask is what do you think your chances are to win a token?  For example my guild downed Deathbringer and a Pally/Lock/Priest token dropped.  Twelve people rolled on it; fricking half the raid.  (All regular raiders on their mains.)  Unless your guild is driving deep into the plague works you won’t have many opportunities to roll on 25 ICC tokens.  The first three bosses of 25 ICC don’t drop tokens.  Which is why I took the 264 chest.  We are stuck on Festergut in 25 ICC at the moment.  If we down Fester there is no guarantee a Pally/Lock/Priest token will drop and if it does drop there is no guarantee you’ll win the roll.  But that’s not to say it won’t all happen for you because obviously it is for some people.  My gut guess is that their guilds are going deep into the plague works giving them more opportunities to win a 25 ICC token.  It’s like hockey shots on goal.  The more shots you have, the more likely it is that you’ll score.

There is some low hanging fruit you can get also for smaller amounts of FEs that can really help you to upgrade your toon.  The 264 Libram of Three Truths for a mere 15 FEs is a nice little upgrade.  It provides 44 strength to Crusader Strike lasting 15 seconds and stacking 5 times.  So this provides an extra 220 strength throughout most fights.  There are also several other nice 264 DPS pieces you can get from the vendors rather than buy T10 251 gear; Might of the Ocean Serpent cloak, plate Gatecrasher’s Gauntlets, plate Malevolent Girdle and the aforementioned Castle Breakers Battleplate. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Remember none of this gear is a bad choice.  It’s a matter of choice about how you want set your toon up to maximize your playing style and roll in your guild’s raids.  Go get some gear!

Don’t suffer the horde!

ICC is a Ret Pally Paradise

March 5, 2010

Hi everyone.  Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted to this blog in such a long time.   Sorry about, I’ll post more frequently from here out.  The good news is that I’ve been busy raiding, scoring gear and Frost emblems.  So here is a quick update.

The good news is that ICC is a Retribution Paladin’s dream.  Almost every raid and instance is stocked full of undead for us to kill.  With all the undead we can use every attack we have.  Be sure you have the minor glyph Sense Undead and that you turn on the talent Sense Undead on (mini map).  This will give you an extra 1% damage to undead.  And with all the undead this extra damage really adds up and will boost your DPS.

I really like the ICC raids.  Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection and 10/20 man ICC are all fun fights.  As I said before Ret Pallys can really shine in each of these instances and raids.

Why is Lady Jania Proudmore so huge in ICC and normal size in the keep in Theramore?  Also whats going on with her and LK?  I think she’s still stuck on him!   lol  When we finally down the LK she’ll be looking my way.  🙂

Right now in 10-man we consistently down Lord Marrowgar, Lady Death Whisper, Gunship Battle, Deathbringer and Festergut.  We’re currently stuck on Rotface but I think next week we’ll have him.  We got him down to 4% this week so everyone is starting to understand the fight.  In 25-man we down Lord Marrowgar, Lady Death Whisper, Gunship Battle and Deathbringer.  Been having 25-man issues with Festergut but I think he’s about to go down next week also as some of our 25-man raid group not familiar with the fight are getting more comfortable.

Good news is that I’ve upped my DPS to usually #1 or #2 in the guild on 10/25 ICC thanks to some advice tweaking my toon from Morrighan.

Hope all you other Ret Pallys are having great success with the ICC raids also.  Let me know how its going.  Next post lets talk about how to spend those Frost emblems, there is some Leet gear you can buy from vendors not to mention T10 pve gear!

Don’t suffer the horde!

Paladin seals

December 18, 2009

Seal of Vengeance while using a one-handed sword and shield (for fun)

Hi everyone lets talk a bit about Paladin Seals today and specifically Retribution Paladin Seals. Seals are self-buffs that Paladins give themselves.  Seals along with Judgements work together to make the Paladin classes “combat system.” Only one Seal can be active on a Pally at a time and the affect lasts for 30 minutes. All Seals also damage your opponents when activated.  So you could use your Seals as another attack when other attacks are in cool down.

There are six Paladin seals; Righteousness, Command, Justice, Light, Wisdom and Vengeance (Corruption if you’re a Hordie.)  There used to be eight Seals but in Blizzard’s never ending quest to Nerf Paladins they eliminated Crusader and Blood.  Hmm that will make a good post, my dislike of Death Knights and how Pallys are always nerfed by Blizzard.  See what they did for Ret Paladins in the last patch, not a Fing thing.  But I digress as they say.

As a Retribution Paladin you’re concerned with basically two seals, Seal of Command and Seal of Vengeance.  These are the two seals I use, in combination with Judgment of Wisdom to restore mana, almost exclusively when raiding.  Occasionally I may use Seal of Light or Seal of Wisdom based on the situation to restore either health or mana when out by myself questing or mining etc.  However in a raid it’s the healer’s responsibility to keep your health up.

Seal of Command increases melee damage with additional 857 to 1007 holy damage per attack and will also strike up to two additional targets in front of the Paladin. Use this Seal when you don’t expect combat to be long and generally in Player Vs Player environments.  In raids I use this seal when fighting trash mobs enroute to the boss. This technique is working rather well for me.  Many trash monsters don’t last long enough for you to get five stacks for Seal of Vengeance let alone for you to get enough stacked attacks to outpace the sustained DPS from Seal of Command.

If you are going to be in a prolonged fight such as with a boss, Seal of Vengeance will produce much more damage over time.  But in shorter fights Command produces more damage.  Seal of Vengeance needs to stack five times before you start getting its affect.  Once stacked five times (five melee attacks) Seal of Vengeance then grants 37-38 percent additional damage per attack based on the weapon damage and 776 additional holy damage (Holy Vengeance) over 15 seconds.  In a long fight this adds up to a great deal of damage.

Lord Jaraxxus

You do have to be careful.  Any boss fights that causes you to frequently change targets will significantly lower your DPS in that fight if you are using Seal of Vengeance.  In such cases consider using Seal of Command instead.  A good example of this is 25 Toc’s Lord Jaraxxus and the Mistresses of Pain he summons.  When my guild runs this raid all the raid DPS switch from Jaraxxus to the Mistress when she is summoned.  When this happens you loose your stacks for Seal of Vengeance on Jaraxxus.  The Mistress doesn’t last long enough for Vengeance to be of any use. Seal of Command causes much more damage to the Mistress than Vengeance, so you should switch to Seal of Command for the Mistress.  Then you can switch back to Vengeance when you return to Jaraxxus or stay with Command as the next Mistress will come out just about when you are starting to get some benefit from Seal of Vengeance again.

Don’t suffer the horde.

Current Paladin Seals (From WoW Wiki)

Removed Paladin Seals (From WoW Wiki)

TOC progress

November 19, 2009

Did the first three bosses on Heroic 10 man TOC night. Some slight differences in the fight from regular 10 and 25 man TOC. But felt real good to give TOC a try on heroic. Of course I was on my Retribution Pally. We had it set up with 4 DPSers. I off course was the lowest of the DPSers. See post “Being a Retribution Pally isn’t Easy” post. The good news is that while I was 4th out of 4 DPSers I was hanging close to number 3. Been switching between Seal of Command and Seal of Vengeance depending on the fight.

So I think we should talk about the different pally seals for the next post. The what and the whys of seals. Not talking baby seals here, we’ll talk Paladin Seals!!!